About IIOT

The IIOT is a young project which aims to be just like the International Olympiad in Informatics, but the problems are meant to be solved in a team.

The participants are teams of 4 high school students who represent a school (like in ICPC).

Why in teams?

  • Teamwork is a requirement in the labor market.
  • Encourages mutual support and learning.
  • Promotes creativity which comes from the comparison of different ideas.
  • Students will be more willing to participate in similar competitions (IOI, ICPC).

How is the competition structured?

  • 4 online contests (suggested)
  • 1 onsite national final contest
  • 1 onsite international contest
  • English problem statements for everybody
  • 2 PCs per team to solve in 3 hours (4 at the international contest)

How does it work?

  • A leader school or organization for each country coordinates the competition: please contact us to become one!
  • No costs are required to join the project.
  • The international scientific committee provides tasks and technical support.